compact discs

  Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society
  The Deadliest Man Alive
-GZ 2004

15 of the deadliest tunes that'll knock you out for the count and change your inner being. You can buy CDs, LPs, 7"s, Cassettes and Eight-Tracks from other SO CALLED "College" or "Indie Label" bands, but those releases will only teach you how to wear lots of black, obtain piercings, purchase hair products, and feel sorry for yourself!


Only "The Deadliest Man Alive" from COUNT DANTE AND THE BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY delivers 15 Tracks of SCORCHING SUCCESS SEMINAR KUNG FU ROCK that will show you the DEADLY GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES that can make you A SUCCESS!!!

  The Heebee Jeebeez
  All Sales Are Vinyl
-GZ 2003

Pop music from one of the best in the bay area. I refrain from using the phrase powerpop mostly because it's a phrase that doesn't mean what it use to. Unless you are speaking about the Heebee Jeebeez. It's their first c.d. and an excellent effort if I do say so myself. If you love a well written and well executed song, you'll get a dozen of them right here.

  Molotov Cocktails And Other Mixed Drinks
-GZ 2002

Decal puts together a 9 song, 18-minute album, caped with a homemade cd-rom that'll keep you in stitches until the turn of the century. They started '97 with a BAMMIE nomination for Outstanding Punk Band and finished the year with.... hey, the year aint over yet! 9 songs/18+ min./bonus c.d.-rom for OS9 mac users.

-GZ 2001

The Stimmies are the forerunners of alternapop in the bay area. A serious and talented band that jerks a blend of melotic pop combined with raw disjointed melodies weaving poetically in and out of control. A rock band with a violin. Yeowza! 10 songs/30 min.

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