L.A.'s nice in the fall. Kinda like summer in most other parts of the country, I'm guessing anyway. OH and TOO bad for those nice boys in Rohnert Park. Seriously, call off the dogs and let the horticulturalist do that horticultural thing that they do so well.

And SERIOUSLY again, what's with the price of beer! It's a hijacking tax on the poor, the unemployed, all those in serious need of saying F.U. to all the jackasses that dealt out this shitty hand we're playing with and tell us that NOW they have a better plan. Go away and try again in three years.

Looking forward to the I-5 this weekend and the promise of uninterrupted tones from the factory installed cd player. That drive always makes me think of Mad Max, "The last of the V8 Interceptors... a piece of history! Would've been a shame to blow it up."

We're still holding out hopes for the The Loyal Sons Of the Hinky Dink to make a trip to the City of Angels and bless us with an evening or two somewhere in the heart of it all.

The rumors about The Beatcombers having been recording some new tunes was a fabulous red herring. Nothing on the horizon, but i will be keeping my eyes focused in the direction of club listings. Also, The Heebee Jeebeez are looking to get back together. I hope they dont make me wait 'til spring.

That's all for now.

Smile when you say that,
Go Zombie Megacorp

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