7 inch records

GZ 705   the Stimmies
Chester b/w Cmon

GZ 705   Hi-Fives/Pin-Ups
Split E.P. 4 song

Two songs by each band. A frolic fest that'll reminds me what fun music is suppose to sound like. The Hi-Fives tunes recorded Misery and the Kravin As tune, Sometimes with Klaus Flouride twisting the knobs and tickling some ivory. The Pin-Ups perform two original tunes me2=u (it's suppose to read "me squared equals you") & all she needs.

GZ 704   Actionslacks
John Hughes b/w Operator

Tossing off some sonic tonic for us punters, John Hughes starts with a soft and breathy message proclaiming imminent victory for the outcasts over the IN crowd. A current day David and Goliath. The mighty threesome from Berkeley then load up their sling , take aim, and let the music fly. The B-side includes a more agressive version of a Jim Croce classic, Operator.

GZ 703  The Brilliantines
Hydroplane b/w Red Eye To Nashville [red vinyl]
Produced by Kevin Army, with artwork by Stephan Britt. The Brilliantines take control behind the steering wheel of pop. Hydroplane never looses traction as it revs up and spins out through winding guitars and dynamic interludes. Red Eye to Nashville is a moodier song about the pending loss of love. This is what pop music is all about baby.

GZ 701  Decal
Molotov Cocktails b/w Out of Your Hands [gold vinyl]
Decal's first trip down the vinyl path to a checkered flag and a new track record. Molotov Cocktails and a live version of Out of Your Hands on gold vinyl. Both of these songs have stuck in my head like peanut butter!

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